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Concering Links

Links to our website are not, in principle, permitted. In particular, the following links are strongly prohibited:

Links to sites which risk defaming or causing loss of public trust in the business, services of Kamikochi Nishi-ito-ya Mountain Lodge.
Links to sites the content of which are contrary to public order and good morals.
Links to sites which post illegal content, or which actually or may possibly contribute to illegal activities.
Links to sites for business purposes or profit gain, or for the preparation of such activities.
Links which distort Kamikochi Nishi-ito-ya Mountaion Lodge’s content through use of frames and other methods.
Links to sites the managers or operators of which are unclear, sites whose operators are identified only by user names or other aliases, or sites which are operated indirectly through third parties.

Further, in the event that a site linked to our website is operated by someone other than Kamikochi Nishi-ito-ya Mountain Lodge, then the operating individual or group has no special relationship with Kamikochi Nishi-ito-ya Mountain Lodge, and Kamikochi Nishi-ito-ya Mountaion Lodge does not recommend or endorse such site.

Concerning Copyright

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Concerning Cookies

While cookies are used to a certain extent on our website, cookies transmitted from our website do not include information which could identify an individual. When using our website through a browser which permits the choice of accepting or not accepting cookies, please understand that in the event that the receipt of cookies is rejected, inconveniences may arise such as a portion of Content on our website not being displayed.

Concerning Handling of Personal Information

If an enquiry is made through our website you may be requested to input personal information. However, personal information which has been transmitted will be rigorously managed so as to prevent the loss, falsification, or disclosure of such information and access will be allowed only to authorized persons. In addition, though such information will be used for the purpose of improving Dentsu’s services, it will not be disclosed to any third party unless the approval of the individual inputting it has been obtained; provided, however, that disclosure may occur in the event submission is demanded by a public legal institution (i.e. a court or police agency) pursuant to legal or regulatory procedures.

Concerning Access History

The sources of information used on our website will be recorded on Dentsu’s web server in the form of an access history (log). However, such information will be used for the purposes of statistics and analysis concerning our website and will not, in principle, be used for other purposes; provided, however, that in the event submission is demanded by a public legal institution (i.e. a court or police agency) pursuant to legal or regulatory procedures, an access history may be disclosed. Further, an access history may be confirmed when the necessity thereof is specifically recognized, such as misuse in violation of the provisions governing our website.

Waiver of Liability

Each item of Content on our website was prepared with due care and displayed after confirmation. However, neither Dentsu nor the provider of such Content shall have any liability concerning the accuracy, suitability or completeness thereof. Further, neither Dentsu nor any such provider shall have any liability with respect to damages of any nature arising out of such information. Persons using information obtained from our website do so based on their own choice and upon their own responsibility. In addition, all liability for information obtained from sites linked to our website as well as all liability for various problems arising from the content of such sites shall be the responsibility of the managers of such sites, and neither Dentsu nor the provider of any Content on our website shall be responsible therefor.