Nishi-ito-ya・Signboard 1. Our aim and passion is to provide our customers with a place for relaxation and a place of comfort at a charming mountain village lodge surrounded by beautiful nature.
2. We love Kamikochi and are proud to be part of an organization to preserve nature and environment of the area.
3. We put all our energy and resources to create a beautiful rich life in a natural environment.
4. While we consider the comfort of our guest, we try to minimize the effect on our environment.
5. Our motto is “What is a Real Mountain Lodge?”


1865 The founder, Hideo Okuhara, separates from Itoya (parent company) and names it Nishi-Itoya.
1923Hideo Okuhara He builds a shop for mountain climbers and campers.
1928 He builds a mountain lodge next to the shop. 

  • 「Mountain Lodge」in 1928

    「Mountain Lodge」
    in 1928

  • 「Yakedake Lodge」under Construction

    「Yakedake Lodge」
    under Construction

1933 Bus service to Kamikochi is inaugurated.
1934 Kamikochi is designated as a part of Chuyubusangaku National Park.
1938 Kamikochi is given a special status within the National Park.
1962 The main mountain lodge is constructed on the site.
1963 The lodge is registered as Nishi-Itoya Co.
1971 North building is added.
1972 Celebration of 50th Anniversary since the founding of Nishi-Itoya.
1987 The founder’s brother builds a hotel in Norikura Kougen.
1996 The North and Main lodges are renovated, a lounging area is added.

Lodge's Owner, Okuhara MountainGuide

Lodge’s Owner,

Okuhara, at Chinese Karakorm(1998)

Okuhara, at Chinese Karakorm(1998)