About measures against new coronavirus

Notification Last update:2020/06/23

To our customers

Thank you very much for using Kamikochi Nishiitoya mountain lodge.

We are taking the following measures to prevent infection of the new coronavirus so that customers can use it with peace of mind.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

At check-in, we will check your temperature and health condition.

We carry out special unusual cleaning, such as disinfecting the rooms and facilities in the building with alcohol and chlorine.

Disinfectants are installed at the reception, cafeteria, halls, etc., and customers are requested to use them.

In the case of a shared room (annex), we are trying to limit the number of people and keep the distance of customers.

The sauna in the public bath is closed due to the small space.

In order for employees to respond to customers in a healthy condition, thorough temperature measurement, hand washing, and gargle are performed. Employees wear masks.

Please wear a mask as much as possible inside the building and in the crowded outdoors.

If you have symptoms such as fever or cough that you suspect are infected, please refrain from visiting the lodge.

In this season, no cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations when you are not in good condition, even on the day. In that case, please be sure to contact us.