About extension of business suspension period

Notification Last update:2020/05/06

To our customers

Following the announcement of the government’s extension of the emergency declaration on May 4 and the request from Nagano Prefecture on May 5, Kamikochi Nishiitoya mountain lodge will be closed until July 14 as well as the mountain huts around Kamikochi.

Until today, we have been waiting for various situations to improve, but PCR testing will not be expanded, and in the unlikely event of a cluster occurring in our place, our customers and staff will be damaged and the number of beds will be not enough. Customers suffering from inconvenience to people who are doing their best at unprepared local medical institutions, being asked to refrain from traveling across prefectures, and the earthquake swarm that continues around Kamikochi In light of the dangers of the above, we made the above conclusions.

It’s very hard that you can’t see the most beautiful season of Kamikochi in May and June, but we would appreciate your understanding.

If all the emergency declarations have been lifted, the earthquake swarm has subsided, and the safety of customers and staff has been guaranteed, the period of business closure may be shortened.

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Tsukasa Okuhara