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Q : Why the name Kamikochi Nishi-ito-ya Mountain Lodge ?

A: Originally, the roots of Nishi-ito-ya is, in Shimashima settlement, the head family called the Ito-ya, since the branch to the west, became the Nishi-ito-ya. Before last generation is the time when I started the inn at Kamikochi, Mountain Lodge Nishi-ito-ya, then become a Kamikochi Mountain Lodge Nishi-ito-ya, the current in the wake of the 50th anniversary, it became the Kamikochi Nishi-ito-ya Mountain Lodge.

Q : Because Mountain Lodge, do you Lodge ?

A: Yes, and the inn type of main building, mountain hut (dormitory) type of the annex will have been the hotel. The main building is a Japanese-style inn, there is also amenities, there is also dining Banquet. Annex, which is separate male and female dormitory of basically eight people, with the exception of the busy season, from 2 persons, you can take your rooms at charter. Amenities becomes a rental, meals of Japanese and Western-style.

Q : Do you have the provision of lunch or lunch-box ?

A: In the tea room, served and light meal and soba. Operating time is 14 o’clock 11. Lunch-box is, if you sign up to the day before the evening, will be available. In addition, in the case of early morning departure, so you can make your breakfast to lunch, please apply at the time of check-in.

Q : How can a lot of luggage, why do not you come to take to the bus terminal ?

A: Kamikochi is, because it is a special protected area of the national park, pick-up and transport of luggage is not accepted. Courier service of Yamato Transport, so we come to the lodge every day, also send from your home or hotel, it is also possible to send from the lodge on the way back. In addition, since it is the road from the terminal is being paved, wheelchair or, you can reach even trolley case, stroller.