Here are several questions that we often get from customers regarding Kamikochi Nish-itoya Mountain Lodge. If you have any questions about Kamikochi in general, please visit here. If you have any questions about Kamikochi Nishi-ito-ya Mountain Lodge other than those listed here, please feel free to contact ushere. To give an answer quickly, please contact us by phone.

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Q : Why the name “Kamikochi Nishi-itoya Mountain Lodge” ?

A: Originally, the roots of Nishi-itoya comes from the small community of Shimashima. There, the head of the family ran a silk business called Ito-ya (literally, “Thread Shop” ). Nishi-itoya was a branch of this business built to the west (“nishi” in Japanese) of Itoya, and so was dubbed Nishi-itoya. The inn at Kamikochi was established two generations ago and was known as Mountain Lodge Nishi-itoya, and later Kamikochi Mountain Lodge Nishiitoya. The current hotel took form in the wake of the 50th anniversary in 1972, and has been known since as Kamikochi Nishi-itoya Mountain Lodge.

Q : Is this mountain lodge also considered a mountain hut ?

A: Yes. Technically, the main building is constructed as a ryokan (Japanesestyle inn), and the annex building is constructed as a mountain hut. The main building also contains amenities such as the souvenir shop and the dining hall.

Q : Do you serve lunch, or prepare packed lunches for guests who go hiking ?

A: In the tea room, we serve light meals and soba during lunchtime. Lunch is available from 11am to 2pm. Packed lunches are available for guests who sign up the evening before. If you are planning an early morning hike, please apply for a bento (packed lunch) when you check in.

Q : If I have a lot of luggage, would you be able to help me take it to the bus terminal ?

A: Unfortunately, this is not possible. Because Kamikochi is a special protected area, pick-up and transport of luggage via personal automobile is prohibited. However, the courier service Yamato Transport comes to the lodge every day, so it is possible to send your luggage to your home or hotel. It is also possible to send your luggage ahead of time to Nishi-Itoya from your home or hotel. In addition, the road to the bus terminal has been paved in recent years, and so is accessible to wheelchairs, suitcases, and strollers.