You can have the time of your lifehere at Kamikochi Nishi-Itoya Mountain Lodge, where new adventures are always waiting to be discovered.
You can be one with nature here, thanks to the healing powers of the pure mountain air, and the fragrance emanating from the forest and surrounding luscious vegetation.
Surrounded by mountains, and with private cars prohibited, this is an ideal place to escape the noise and distractions of the outside world.
Nishi-Itoya is a place relax, to unwind, to be refreshed, to be nurtured, to have fun, to revive your spirits, and to meet people on similar journeys.


This is a place where you can explore the wilderness, go hiking or climb to the very roof of Japan; where you can picnic, camp, take pictures, sketch, view wildlife (have you seen our snow monkeys?), or just view and appreciate the beauty of the surrounding scenery and nature.
It is a place where you can enjoy exclusive local cuisine prepared from fresh river fish and mountain vegetables from the area. This is food that one cannot experience anywhere else in Japan.
This is a place where you will have a truly wonderful time, creating memories to last a lifetime.