Events of Kamikochi throughout the year 2021

Date Event
April 27 Kamikochi opening festival has been canceled due to prevent  spread covid-19 virus.Kamikochi opening ceremony
June 6 The 75th Weston Festival
October 8 Hotaka Shrine festival and memorial service for the dead at Myojin pond.
At Myojin pond.
Hodaka Shrine festival
November 15 Autumn festival (Kamikochi closes).
Autumn leaves of Japanese larch
April 27 to Nov. 3 Kamikochi open season (Enjoy nature! Various activities become available during this time.)

Note: Avoid the most crowded seasons.
May 2 to 6 (Golden Week), July 23 to Aug 23 (Summer peak season).
The best time to enjoy Kamikochi is from May 15th to June 10th.