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    A warm welcome to Kamikochi Nishi-Itoya Mountain Lodge, a place for relaxation and for breathtaking scenery! We are situated in Chubusangaku National Park that includes the whole part of the Northern Japan Alps. Kamikochi, whose elevation is 1,500 meters (4,500 feet) above sea level, is a small and slender basin surrounded by high mountains such as Hodaka Mountains, Mt. Yakedate, and Mt. Kasumizawa. Please click here for a brief natural history of Kamikochi Do not worry if you have not heard of us before. Nishi-Itoya Mountain Lodge in Kamikochi is one of Japan Alps' best-kept secrets. Once you visit us, you will want to come back repeatedly as well as tell your friends about us. We are certain you will agree that the view from there of Hodaka Mountains and Azusa River is one of the most beautiful mountain scenes in Japan. For directions to our lodge, please refer to our map and directions.

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    All guest rooms are non-smoking

    We are very sorry for the inconvenience for smokers.
    We thank for all your understanding and cooperation. (There is smoking area near by front desk.)

    Free internet available!

    Free internet PC is available near by front desk (main building & Annex).
    Available free WiFi Internet throughout the Lodge(except for the bathroom). Input of the password is not required.


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